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Woodfree Printing Paper

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Bond Paper

Newsprint Paper


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As per customer's requirement

Woodfree Printing Paper (also known as Bond Paper)
Made from virgin pulp of wheat straw or bagasse
  • notebooks and basic printing: 54 gsm to 90 gsm
  • For multi-color printing & hi-speed printing: 60 gsm to 90 gsm
Other gsm may be available on request, please ask as required.
Recycled Printing Paper
Made from recycled pulp
  • For notebook and all printing purposes: 50 gsm to 70 gsm
Newsprint Paper
Made from recycled pulp suitable
  • newspaper printing: 45 gsm, 48.8 gsm suitable
  • for notebooks: 45 gsm, 48.8 gsm, 50 gsm

Woodfree Printing Paper
Recycled Paper